We offer year round working student positions. These positions are open to youth (13years+) who love horses and want to learn how to care for them, how to ride correctly.

We are looking for workers who are mature, get along well with others, are team players, dedicated to horses and learning about them. No experience is necessary but  students should possess a willingness to learn

Year round working students work every Saturday and help with chores, assist with lessons and help with general farm duties ie. fixing fences, painting, building jumps etc. They ride in the afternoon.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are willing to work hard for an education in horses and riding that is not offered anywhere else. You get to work with teenagers who have the same interest that you have in a friendly, welcoming environment. All our working students have become fast friends and remain so even after they have gone on to university or moved from the area.

Our coaching and instruction is second to none and is offered in a supportive helpful manner. Our horses are high quality, well trained and well cared for.

This is not a paid position.

If you may be interested in a Working Student Position please call (613) 392-8239 for an interview.